Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth

Move in Health is one of the few specialised in this area. Pre and post birth are beautifull times, but with the changing body and changing circumstances can be also a challenging time for any woman, both physically and mentally. They can use all the help and preparation they can get to make the experience as life affirming as it truly is.

Eva Willemijn can help you to prepare for the birth with yogic breathing exercises, postures and relaxation, tied in with yogic postures and exercises that will enhance and improve your body’s abilities and the ease of birth.

In a private session you will look to your needs and desires and create the right package of treatments that will suit you. This allows you to work out a highly personalised programme entirely tailored to your personal circumstances and requirements. This can cover the full pregnancy term. You will work together to ascertain what is best and most productive.

Move in health offers:

  • Prenatal yoga (private and group classes)
  • Massage during pregnancy and after birth
  • Breathing tuition to aid birth
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Flexibility and posture training
  • Nutrition advice
  • Presence at birth; coaching and support

Sessions are available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish